We offer strategic advice on helping you set up your business in the international market. Investing or setting up a business in the global market comes with a lot of risks. However, through our market research, you can gain confidence and reduce your risk.

We offer B2 B consulting, custom marketing, intelligence, and consulting services. Our value for money programs that target multiple clients is highly sought after. You can also opt to receive the customized newsletters based on your industry. All this is done by our specific country research consultants who understand the business potential in their country and give you a first-hand view of the growth market across the globe.

Strategic advisory

We offer realistic advice, which is all backed by accurate data. The advice is tailored to meet your business objectives. We help you to support your international expansion plan or to get an entry into the market. We also guide you on ways to counter a competitive threat and advice on growing through acquisition.

International research

Our in-country consultants do customer intelligence, market analysis, news monitoring, and competitor benchmarking, which gives you a clear idea on the market potential and growth prospects.

Investor intelligence

If you want to make investment decisions, then we offer the future outlook of the company and give you informed investment opportunities. We do thorough screening, valuation, and selection of the business that you should invest into.

Make informed decisions when investing in foreign soil when you partner with us. We also have local contacts and experts who can help you when setting business in a foreign country.