Starting any business is stressful, yet rewarding, endeavor. And the hardest decision is picking what type of business you will startup. You could go the classical route of retail. Or maybe try dropshipping. But below we will be taking a brief look at how to get started with Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you can advertise other peoples products and make money off them. There is no correct way to do it, and putting a new, creative twist on marketing will go a long way to bringing you closer to success.


There are many different ways to go about getting started. One of the most common methods is simply hosting advertising space on your websites/blog. The idea is simple. If someone clicks the ad and makes a purchase, you receive a commission on that sale. Alongside that, companies will outright pay for advertising space.

There are other, more elaborate methods available to you as well. Link shortening is an effective method that can be used in many creative ways. By allowing customers to enter links that lead through small advertisements, you make a profit every time your customer’s link is clicked. Websites like Toroox offer link shortening effectively and simply.

Know your Market

Affiliate marketing, like any marketing, is as much about data than anything else. You need to know who you are advertising to and what methods are best suited to work on them. By knowing who your target audience is, you will be able to decide what affiliate marketing method is best for you. If you are targeting younger audiences, try looking at methods that work around social media. For older audiences, try to look at news sites or other digital areas they are most likely to be involved in.


Before you start any blue collar business it is a must that you actually register said business. This is simply due to ruling, as before you can start working on any job you will need to pass both an inspection and receive your city license. Registration will also allow you to truly make your business Your business. Allowing you to put a stamp on your company be it name or logo to be permanently registered in your city of choice. Giving you that sense of closeness to your business that you truly desire.


After you have registered your business it may be an idea to try and find support from government finance schemes. If you are looking to expand your work force it may be a good idea to look into the Canada Job Grant, which will offer your company 10 000 dollars in trainee grants to enhance your workforce. Another important program for your small business would be the Canada Small Business Financing Program, which can offer loans of up to 1 million dollars. Giving your business important funds to expand and grow.

Bid for Jobs

It is no great secret that to secure your first job you will have to underbid your competition. This is due to the importance of a pre-established reputation, so in order to build this reputation you need to build a resume. For example, if someone were to place an advert to paint a house for let us say 3000 dollars you should offer at a fifty percent mark down rate. If you are smart you will ask your client to buy the materials themselves, this will bring the costs down and some of the confusion of your early paint purchases. As you build this reputation you can slowly bring the costs up with it, but it is imperative that you build your portfolio.

Create a Website

The next step in starting your painting business is building a website. An idea that is true for any business is that to take said business to the next level you need to build a professional and modern website. In the modern age it is no understatement to say that your website is the face of your company, this will attract new customers giving your birthing business a sense of prestige that is hard to build from simple work.


Finally, one of the most important steps is building your profile. This will involve the purchase of billboards, radio and television time and handing out flyers. This word of mouth is essential in creating a noticeable brand. This notoriety is craved for by young businesses and is often the biggest stumbling block in taking businesses to the next level. What is standing in the way of a painter in Calgary from taking his business nationwide? It is quite simple it is his reputation. You need to get your name out there.

If you follow these five key steps you will be well on your way to creating a strong Canadian painting business, just be patient and stay committed.