Before you start any blue collar business it is a must that you actually register said business. This is simply due to ruling, as before you can start working on any job you will need to pass both an inspection and receive your city license. Registration will also allow you to truly make your business Your business. Allowing you to put a stamp on your company be it name or logo to be permanently registered in your city of choice. Giving you that sense of closeness to your business that you truly desire.


After you have registered your business it may be an idea to try and find support from government finance schemes. If you are looking to expand your work force it may be a good idea to look into the Canada Job Grant, which will offer your company 10 000 dollars in trainee grants to enhance your workforce. Another important program for your small business would be the Canada Small Business Financing Program, which can offer loans of up to 1 million dollars. Giving your business important funds to expand and grow.

Bid for Jobs

It is no great secret that to secure your first job you will have to underbid your competition. This is due to the importance of a pre-established reputation, so in order to build this reputation you need to build a resume. For example, if someone were to place an advert to paint a house for let us say 3000 dollars you should offer at a fifty percent mark down rate. If you are smart you will ask your client to buy the materials themselves, this will bring the costs down and some of the confusion of your early paint purchases. As you build this reputation you can slowly bring the costs up with it, but it is imperative that you build your portfolio.

Create a Website

The next step in starting your painting business is building a website. An idea that is true for any business is that to take said business to the next level you need to build a professional and modern website. In the modern age it is no understatement to say that your website is the face of your company, this will attract new customers giving your birthing business a sense of prestige that is hard to build from simple work.


Finally, one of the most important steps is building your profile. This will involve the purchase of billboards, radio and television time and handing out flyers. This word of mouth is essential in creating a noticeable brand. This notoriety is craved for by young businesses and is often the biggest stumbling block in taking businesses to the next level. What is standing in the way of a painter in Calgary from taking his business nationwide? It is quite simple it is his reputation. You need to get your name out there.

If you follow these five key steps you will be well on your way to creating a strong Canadian painting business, just be patient and stay committed.

Moving offices on a large scale can be a lot of work to undertake on your own, and many movers in Brampton understand how difficult it can be moving back and forth between buildings. Here are 5 reasons why it would be best to hire removal companies when moving offices.



  1. Offices are usually full of expensive equipment like laptops and printers to allow you to complete your daily tasks. Removal companies have years of experience and will make sure that your objects are properly packed and protected, whereas if you were to attempt to move the goods on your own, you can not guarantee this safety
  2. It’s simply just easier for yourself, you don’t have to subject yourself to transporting the objects to the new location and can focus on getting some actual work done.
  3. If you were to transport it yourself it is likely that you would use a personal vehicle, which means you would have to take several trips back and forth to complete the moving. If you take into account the amount that you’ll spend on petrol, it would work out cheaper to just hire a moving company to do it in one go.
  4. There is also the added security that comes with hiring a company. Usually if you use a removal company you will get insurance along with the cost of the removal. This means if anything was damaged during removal you would be compensated, however if you were to move the items yourself you would not have this guaranteed protection and would have to cover any loss or damages with your own money.
  5. Using removal companies will also be a good solution to save your vehicle from being damaged. Offices can have some pretty hefty equipment that could easily damage the interior of your own cars, so it would just be more secure to use the vans of a company that deals with large scale equipment regularly.