After a lot of time of working from home, people are now returning to the office to get back to normal with their work. Thanks to covid, a lot of businesses were forced to close their doors and they had to let their employees work from their homes for their own safety and the safety of others.

Since people have been working from home for so long, they have all become comfortable with their current routine and the way that they worked in the comfort of their own homes. However, working from home cannot last forever and so people are getting ready to get back to the office.

If your employees have been working from home for some time now, then they are not likely thrilled about the idea of returning back to the office. You want the morale of your workers to be high, as unhappy workers often do not deliver the same results as happier workers.

A great way that you can lift spirits is by kitting out the office before everyone gets back. It is likely that your office hasn’t had a revamp for some time and it is in serious need of some TLC. If you are redecorating your office, then you are going to need some new equipment and furniture. Here are 6 bits of office equipment guaranteed to make your employees happy.

Comfortable Office Chairs

If your workers are going to return to spending hours sitting at a desk, then you should do anything that you can to make sure that these hours are as comfortable as possible. The website talks about workplace comfort and one of the things that they say is most important for ensuring the comfort of your workers is a sturdy and supportive chair. It has been shown that people that work in an office are far more likely to experience back issues as they get older and you want to do all that you can to ensure that this isn’t the case for your workers.

A Fan

With summer approaching, an easy way to make sure that your workers are happy over the next few months is by getting them a fan for every desk. Most offices use a shared air conditioning system, but this is never strong enough and workers are usually still left warm and uncomfortable. By getting your workers their own fans, you will ensure that they are comfortable and ready to take on any workload they may have.

Under Desk Leg Rests

Sitting down all day is not good for your body. As humans, we are supposed to be active and stay moving all day and we can develop a number of long-term problems as a result of immobility. You should get all of your worker’s leg rests that not only support their feet but give them the chance to be active. You can buy some that move and keep your feet in motion and these are great for avoiding long-term leg pain.

Vending Machine

This may be a bit of a pricey purchase, but once you get it, your workers will be more than appreciative of it. It is very common for workers to forget their lunch and snacks when they are in a rush to get to the office and they might not have time at lunch to go out and grab some more food.

By having a vending machine readily available, they will be able to go grab a snack whenever they feel like it and this will make your workers much happier and it will save them having to go out and grab an expensive snack when they are hungry. Just make sure there is a good mix of healthy and unhealthy snacks in it.

Personal Mugs

With all your workers coming back to work, it would be nice for them to return to some sort of gift. If you have a lot of workers, then you may not have the money to get them anything extravagant. However, a very nice gift that they will all appreciate is a mug for their coffee and tea. Everyone uses a mug and so they will appreciate the thought and the welcome back.


Something that everyone loves is some fresh stationery. The stationary cupboards at work and generally bare and they are never upgraded. This can be a big annoyance for your workers and a great way to remove any stress for them is by upgrading it before they start.

It might seem like a little thing, but they will really appreciate the work that you have put in and the thought of the act. Make sure that you get plenty of new stationery in and that it is of good quality so that your workers aren’t getting frustrated with pens that don’t work.

There is a common misconception in the world of business that you must have official qualifications in relevant subjects like math and business in order to be able to make a success of yourself. While these qualifications are useful if you have the drive and passion for what you do I would argue that these are much more useful traits to boost your business. This article will be looking at some of the more important elements of yourself that you should bring to the table within your company. Life experience is often much more valuable than things like math and you shouldn’t let a lack of these skills stop you from fulfilling your business ambitions.


No matter what skills you have under your belt, if you are not ambitious enough for the growth and development of your company then you are unlikely to do well. When you are starting a new company you should have your sights firmly set on the future and how you are going to expand the business to help make your profits increase. While skills like math could really help you to get a handle on things like numbers and finances, it is always going to be better if things like customer growth and expansion are something that comes naturally to you.

Financial Knowledge

Another very important aspect of your business that you will need to know about if you are to be successful would have to be the way in which your finances work. While math is not essential to this area, it would be a useful tool for you to have. You will need to be aware of things like profits and reinvestments, paying wages, and how to add VAT to your stock pricing. Although math is not your strong suit, you can make things easier with useful tools like the VAT calculator. This just shows how you shouldn’t rule out your business plans even if financial processing is not something you are skilled in.

Customer Interaction

Something that many would consider being far more valuable than math skills within the world of business would have to be how you interact with your customers. Being able to speak with confidence and knowledge of your industry is going to make you come across as a professional within your industry, and encourage new customers to return to you and build their loyalty to your brand. If you have the math skills but find customer interactions difficult you may find it hard to build a strong rapport with your client base until you are in a position to hire someone who is more natural with this work. This is why so many elements of your business need your consideration, as proficiency in a single factor is not enough to help boost your success level.

Industry Knowledge

Another way that you can ensure your success without the need for educational level skills like math, would have to be knowing how your chosen industry works. This includes looking at trends within your customer base, what will do well in sales, and how to attract new customers when deploying certain marketing strategies. If you are able to operate smoothly against your competition within the industry you work in, then you are likely to be able to grow to a commendable point within your business progression. If you are looking to start a new business I would recommend looking at ways in which your successful competition has operated over the years to get an idea of what customers expect from you and how this can be implemented into your own services.