An idea that is so completely common among elite circles are those gatekeeper items; those items that truly say that you have made it. This can be anything from expensive watches to thousand-dollar suits. These purchases are not just a sign of being rich, like if you went to xusovuiand won the lottery. These items are a sign of class. These items pale in comparison to the Rolls Royce the true sign of luxury, the true sign of making it among the business elite.


You may be asking what makes the Rolls Royce so special? These are not just cars but the symbol of Western luxury. With each car being handcrafted in German by some of the greatest engineers in the world; who are using some of the finest materials in the world. As the founder of Rolls Royce Henry Royce said: “Take the best there is and turn it into better.” It is this spirit that makes Rolls Royce so special they constantly strive for greatness. This can be seen in its handcrafted wooden interior to its beautiful chassis. Blood, sweat and tears have clearly been put into every Rolls Royce.

Enough of the specifics what truly makes the Rolls Royce so culturally special and so essential? The Rolls Royce is the car of choice for the powerful around the world everyone from royalty to billionaires opt for the Rolls Royce. Owning the Rolls Royce puts you into the same conversation as such powerful figures. The Rolls Royce simply represents power. Any rich person can drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but only a certain type of man or female can truly drive a Rolls Royce, and that is something every business elite knows.

Advertising is the backbone of any business. Building your companies name recognition is essential in building sales, and thus building profits. For new businesses an advertising campaign can make or break for its survival and can even be the major factor in taking your business to the next level. This passage will detail four reasons why advertising is so crucial. 

 Stand out from the crowd

The biggest issue every new business will face is trying to stand out in markets that have become more and more crowded. This means you need to be inventive with your advertising to truly stand out. Creative ideas such as challenges involving your product or an online advertisement. Online advertising is- an even better idea with the current state of social isolation with more and more people staying at home and staying online. So, if you need to display your signs on digital media do not be concerned as this is the future of advertising!

Shows professionalism

Perhaps the biggest key of advertising is that it highlights professionalism in your business. Though it may seem quite simplistic advertising pushes your business onto that next level. This may be by sheer association. Your business will now be put on to the same level as the biggest brands on the planet such as Apple and Coke; your business will be up in lights next to theirs. This allows you to leach off of their brands and their reputation. Something that can be hard for smaller businesses to build. 

Change how your business is viewed

Once you invest in advertising you take control of the narrative around your business. If you want your business to be viewed in a serious or professional fashion, then you should invest in a serious advertising campaign, and if it is more beneficial for your business to be seen in a lighthearted way-then obviously you need a lighter campaign. All that is really important is that you now control the narrative, and you have managed to seize control. Think about companies like Marlboro and the famous Marlboro man. This completely shifted how the cigarette was seen and it became viewed as the macho man’s cigarette all from how they were advertised.

Build Name Recognition

Finally, building name recognition is priceless for any business. If you think of the biggest companies their brand is bigger than the product itself, almost coming to surpass the product itself even in a crowded market. When the majority of consumers think about smartphones they think of the iPhone, or when a consumer thinks of watches they will think of Rolex. The consumer does not know of any major differences between them and their competition it is simply how they are advertised. So, remember when building your brand to build a name that will stay in the consumers mind over your competition. Advertising is all about feeling so create a feeling of brand superiority in the consumers mind.