How to Ensure Your Business is Safe From Looting

Recently, all over the world, there have been a lot of social and political movements. People are sick of the social, racial, and political injustice that has presented itself over and over again for decades.

Though many people have become desensitized and found a way to live with all of the issues in the world, many of us have had enough. Right now we are experiencing one of the biggest wealth gaps between the rich and the poor that we have ever seen. Utility bills and the general cost of living are increasing at a ridiculous rate and for so many people it is just a challenge to be able to put some food on the table and feed their families.

People have tried to reach out to the government for change, but all petitions and peaceful attempts to reach out for help are being met with ignorance and denial. After years of standing for it, people have finally had enough and they are trying to make a change.

The most popular way that people are trying to achieve the equality that they are searching for is by peacefully protesting. These protests are being held with the intention of attracting the media, reaching out to the government, and avoiding being ignored once again.

Though most people are using these protests as a chance to try and make a difference, there are some people out there with ulterior motives. With any protests, there will always be a group of people that do not care about the cause at all. Instead, they want to use the commotion of a protest to loot and steal.

These people are not reflective of the protestors, but that does not mean that they are not a big problem.

If you are a business owner and you operate in a major city, you are probably worried about your store becoming a victim of the riots or you have probably already been a victim of looting in the past. Instead of allowing people to steal the goods that you have worked so hard to stock, you can instead fight back and ensure that your business is as safe as possible before any of the lootings kicks off. Here is how to ensure your business is safe from looting.

Get a CCTV system

Though a CCTV system will not be able to physically stop a looter from getting into your home, it will be an extremely useful deterrent and it will hopefully stop people from trying to break into your store.

It can be tempting to try and cheap out when it comes to CCTV, as you likely don’t often have to use it. You have to remember that when people loot, they want to just get in and out without being seen and they want to avoid any sort of legal punishment.

You may also be tempted to hide any CCTV that you do have, as you don’t want it to be damaged or harmed. However, if you put your CCTV in a place where people cannot see it, then it is likely that you won’t capture any of the people that have stolen from your business.

If you put the CCTV in a very obvious place and have it pointing directly at anyone that may get into your business, then people may be worried about entering your business and so they might just turn away. You have to remember to have several cameras in and around your store, as this will increase the likelihood of catching anyone that does decide to loot your store.

People that loot also have the habit of breaking CCTV cameras and so if you only have one, then it is very likely that it will break and you won’t be able to get any evidence that you can take to the police.


If you have ever walked past a store that is closed, you have likely noticed that the door and windows are covered by metal shutters. These are put up as a protective measure, as it is very easy to just smash a window and break in but it is not as easy to get through a lawyer of heavy metal.

Though metal shutters are your best defense against criminals trying to break into your store, not a lot of stores actually have them. This is because a lot of distributors will charge high costs for purchase and installation and a lot of the smaller stores simply don’t have the money to pay for this. When I first opened up my own shop, I had the exact same problem. I felt as though my business was totally exposed, but I had no way of finding the funds for the shutters.

After some time looking on the internet trying to find shutters for a reasonable price, we decided to go with shutters from as they had some of the most affordable shutters that I stumbled across and I knew that I would not be able to find a deal better than the deals offered on their website.

Putting shutters on your store will protect it and ensure that you don’t get robbed during the looting.

Something that you should remember ahead of looting is to stay at home and away from your shop. The items in your store can be replaced thanks to insurance, but you can’t be replaced if anything happens to you.

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