After a lot of time of working from home, people are now returning to the office to get back to normal with their work. Thanks to covid, a lot of businesses were forced to close their doors and they had to let their employees work from their homes for their own safety and the safety of others.

Since people have been working from home for so long, they have all become comfortable with their current routine and the way that they worked in the comfort of their own homes. However, working from home cannot last forever and so people are getting ready to get back to the office.

If your employees have been working from home for some time now, then they are not likely thrilled about the idea of returning back to the office. You want the morale of your workers to be high, as unhappy workers often do not deliver the same results as happier workers.

A great way that you can lift spirits is by kitting out the office before everyone gets back. It is likely that your office hasn’t had a revamp for some time and it is in serious need of some TLC. If you are redecorating your office, then you are going to need some new equipment and furniture. Here are 6 bits of office equipment guaranteed to make your employees happy.

Comfortable Office Chairs

If your workers are going to return to spending hours sitting at a desk, then you should do anything that you can to make sure that these hours are as comfortable as possible. The website talks about workplace comfort and one of the things that they say is most important for ensuring the comfort of your workers is a sturdy and supportive chair. It has been shown that people that work in an office are far more likely to experience back issues as they get older and you want to do all that you can to ensure that this isn’t the case for your workers.

A Fan

With summer approaching, an easy way to make sure that your workers are happy over the next few months is by getting them a fan for every desk. Most offices use a shared air conditioning system, but this is never strong enough and workers are usually still left warm and uncomfortable. By getting your workers their own fans, you will ensure that they are comfortable and ready to take on any workload they may have.

Under Desk Leg Rests

Sitting down all day is not good for your body. As humans, we are supposed to be active and stay moving all day and we can develop a number of long-term problems as a result of immobility. You should get all of your worker’s leg rests that not only support their feet but give them the chance to be active. You can buy some that move and keep your feet in motion and these are great for avoiding long-term leg pain.

Vending Machine

This may be a bit of a pricey purchase, but once you get it, your workers will be more than appreciative of it. It is very common for workers to forget their lunch and snacks when they are in a rush to get to the office and they might not have time at lunch to go out and grab some more food.

By having a vending machine readily available, they will be able to go grab a snack whenever they feel like it and this will make your workers much happier and it will save them having to go out and grab an expensive snack when they are hungry. Just make sure there is a good mix of healthy and unhealthy snacks in it.

Personal Mugs

With all your workers coming back to work, it would be nice for them to return to some sort of gift. If you have a lot of workers, then you may not have the money to get them anything extravagant. However, a very nice gift that they will all appreciate is a mug for their coffee and tea. Everyone uses a mug and so they will appreciate the thought and the welcome back.


Something that everyone loves is some fresh stationery. The stationary cupboards at work and generally bare and they are never upgraded. This can be a big annoyance for your workers and a great way to remove any stress for them is by upgrading it before they start.

It might seem like a little thing, but they will really appreciate the work that you have put in and the thought of the act. Make sure that you get plenty of new stationery in and that it is of good quality so that your workers aren’t getting frustrated with pens that don’t work.

Recently, all over the world, there have been a lot of social and political movements. People are sick of the social, racial, and political injustice that has presented itself over and over again for decades.

Though many people have become desensitized and found a way to live with all of the issues in the world, many of us have had enough. Right now we are experiencing one of the biggest wealth gaps between the rich and the poor that we have ever seen. Utility bills and the general cost of living are increasing at a ridiculous rate and for so many people it is just a challenge to be able to put some food on the table and feed their families.

People have tried to reach out to the government for change, but all petitions and peaceful attempts to reach out for help are being met with ignorance and denial. After years of standing for it, people have finally had enough and they are trying to make a change.

The most popular way that people are trying to achieve the equality that they are searching for is by peacefully protesting. These protests are being held with the intention of attracting the media, reaching out to the government, and avoiding being ignored once again.

Though most people are using these protests as a chance to try and make a difference, there are some people out there with ulterior motives. With any protests, there will always be a group of people that do not care about the cause at all. Instead, they want to use the commotion of a protest to loot and steal.

These people are not reflective of the protestors, but that does not mean that they are not a big problem.

If you are a business owner and you operate in a major city, you are probably worried about your store becoming a victim of the riots or you have probably already been a victim of looting in the past. Instead of allowing people to steal the goods that you have worked so hard to stock, you can instead fight back and ensure that your business is as safe as possible before any of the lootings kicks off. Here is how to ensure your business is safe from looting.

Get a CCTV system

Though a CCTV system will not be able to physically stop a looter from getting into your home, it will be an extremely useful deterrent and it will hopefully stop people from trying to break into your store.

It can be tempting to try and cheap out when it comes to CCTV, as you likely don’t often have to use it. You have to remember that when people loot, they want to just get in and out without being seen and they want to avoid any sort of legal punishment.

You may also be tempted to hide any CCTV that you do have, as you don’t want it to be damaged or harmed. However, if you put your CCTV in a place where people cannot see it, then it is likely that you won’t capture any of the people that have stolen from your business.

If you put the CCTV in a very obvious place and have it pointing directly at anyone that may get into your business, then people may be worried about entering your business and so they might just turn away. You have to remember to have several cameras in and around your store, as this will increase the likelihood of catching anyone that does decide to loot your store.

People that loot also have the habit of breaking CCTV cameras and so if you only have one, then it is very likely that it will break and you won’t be able to get any evidence that you can take to the police.


If you have ever walked past a store that is closed, you have likely noticed that the door and windows are covered by metal shutters. These are put up as a protective measure, as it is very easy to just smash a window and break in but it is not as easy to get through a lawyer of heavy metal.

Though metal shutters are your best defense against criminals trying to break into your store, not a lot of stores actually have them. This is because a lot of distributors will charge high costs for purchase and installation and a lot of the smaller stores simply don’t have the money to pay for this. When I first opened up my own shop, I had the exact same problem. I felt as though my business was totally exposed, but I had no way of finding the funds for the shutters.

After some time looking on the internet trying to find shutters for a reasonable price, we decided to go with shutters from as they had some of the most affordable shutters that I stumbled across and I knew that I would not be able to find a deal better than the deals offered on their website.

Putting shutters on your store will protect it and ensure that you don’t get robbed during the looting.

Something that you should remember ahead of looting is to stay at home and away from your shop. The items in your store can be replaced thanks to insurance, but you can’t be replaced if anything happens to you.

Last year, a lot of companies were unfortunately forced to make their workers work from home. Though many people were grateful to work from home for a small time period, for most people working from home simply didn’t work for them.

Now that workers are now allowed to return to their usual offices, as an employer the best thing that you can do is ensure that their workspace is inviting and comforting during the transition of working back in the office.

You want the office to be as comfortable as their homes, as this will make working much easier for them. Here are some easy ways to ensure that your employees are happy in their workspace.

Make Sure it is Clean

If the last year has done anything to the world, it has made us much more conscious about being in a clean space. The virus can stay alive on surfaces for up to two hours and by going back into the workplace, your workers are already putting themselves at risk, so you should do what you can to make sure that this risk is minimized.

If you are worried about finding the time to clean as thoroughly as you would like, why not just hire a cleaning team? If your office is located in Mississauga, then you can hire awesome cleaners in Mississauga that know exactly how to make space clean and comfortable for your workers. It is easy for workspaces to become cluttered and the mess has been proven to slow down productivity, so by keeping the workspace clean, you will actually be doing your business a huge favor in the long run.

Upgrade the Chairs

It is likely that your workers have been working in their own home offices that have been specially planned to ensure their comfort. This means they have probably been using some pretty comfy chairs while they work which they have gotten used to.

Instead of giving your workers welcome back gifts that they will likely never use, why not upgrade their office chairs? Buy a comfy chair that you know will support your workers physically and make them feel appreciated. If you do this, you will notice that productivity skyrockets, and your workers will become much more appreciative of their workspace.

It has been a hard year and so the least that your workers deserve is to spend the next year living in comfort.

Discuss The Workplace With Them Regularly

When you put a bunch of adults together and expect them to work under some extreme pressures, it is likely that there will be some sort of conflict or something that your workers aren’t happy with. One of the worst things that a lot of companies do is put out a complaints box that usually gets ignored.

Once a month, you should set up a meeting where your workers can voice any issues that they have been having within a safe space. This will make them feel as though their emotions and issues are valid and it will stop any office tension from building.

Bring in a Snack

A really easy way to make sure that your workers are happy is by occasionally bringing in a snack for them to enjoy. Once a week you could bring in a sweet treat for them to eat. Sometimes workers forget to bring lunch and so doing this could actually be very beneficial to the health of your workers.

A sweet treat, in particular, will give your workers a boost of energy and help with productivity.

If you plan to set up your own business, one of your priorities should be setting up a base of operations. Your base of operations is where most of your business interactions will take place and where your employees will interact. For this reason, you have to make sure that your base of operations is somewhere that people can feel comfortable and motivated.

Building a good base of operations can take some time and think, but you will see a drastic increase in the quality of the work that your workers complete when done correctly. Here is how to build a successful base of operations.

Choose comfort overlooks

Many businesses make a big mistake when forming a base of operations to make it look good before ensuring that it is a comfortable place for employees. It can be easy to get carried away by focusing on aesthetics, but you should put practicality first. If you have a lot of office workers in your business, be sure to have comfortable seating and large desks to have plenty of room to store whatever they need for work.

Make sure it’s clean

When you have many workers spending hours on end in your offices, it can be easy for a mess to start to accumulate. Some workers do not have the time to clean up after a long day at work. Working in dirty environments can really get in the way of productivity and make your team feel quite miserable in their working environment. We recommend that you employ a cleaning team to come to your HQ several times a week. You can visit Maid Bunch Scarborough for your cleaning needs , which will help keep your working environment clean for your workers.

Having a clean environment will boost the overall moods of your workers, which will lead to overall better working results.

Provide food

If you expect your workers to be working all day, the least you can do is provide them with some food options. Workers with busy schedules habit of simply skipping lunch instead of addressing their nutritional needs due to convenience, which we know is not great for working morale.

Even if you don’t have it in the budget to provide full meals for your workers, the least you can do is bring in some snacks or have vending machines to access whenever they feel like they need to refuel. Something very common in the working world is bringing in a tray of donuts or something similar at the start of every working day. This means that your workers will be able to access the food that you have provided throughout the day and keep themselves sustained while working hard, which means that they will focus on the work they are doing without being distracted by their hunger.

Make sure that the workspace isn’t overwhelming

Though work will obviously be the focus of any business HQ, the space that you provide your workers with mustn’t be too overwhelming. Your workers need to have room to escape all of the reminders of work during their breaks, and for that reason, we recommend that you put together a break room with comfy sofas and TVs that they can sit back and watch after a stressful day at work.  Be sure to not mention any work topics to them in the break, too, as this may ruin their moods.

The current number of households with a pet in the UK stands at 41%, so already it’s easy to see why the market for pet accessories is thriving. It may be less than half the population, but factors to consider are the number of pets in the home (I for example currently have six cats in my residence, only two of which are my own) and the uses for the accessories available. The main reasons for the booming market are:


Animals need food; food will probably be served in their own bowls to avoid mixing pet food with human food; therefore there is a range of options for food bowls on the market. As well as this, most owners equip their pets with collars, either for the means of attaching an ID tag in case the animal gets lost, or bells to avoid cats hunting birds if they go outside. Dogs especially come in a range of sizes to fit the various dog breeds out there and often start from puppy-friendly collars. Accessories such as carriers are also important too, when it’s time for me to take my cats to the vet for a check-up, it’s essential that I choose a good cat carrier for each of them. Too small and they become unhappy and cramped, a soft carrier means that they feel less secure, so my go-to is a sturdy box with handles so I can easily carry them to and from the places they need to be. However, every pet is different, and the range of options on the market is to ensure that pets feel safe and secure in whichever carrier their owner chooses.


I’ve already mentioned food bowls, however, the options for them can range from standard versions to models designed to help with health. For example, raised feeders for pets with stomach or digestion issues. In the same vein, flea collars are easily found too, which help deter fleas and ticks from biting an animal. Pet toothbrushes are also available on the market. As humans, it’s important to look after your pet’s oral health and often products such as Dentistix or other dental-based treats don’t suffice. Paired with toothbrushes is toothpaste, designed to be pet-friendly and flavored so that animals will more easily allow tooth brushing.


Due to the many shapes and sizes, pets can come in, there are many different types of beds to keep your pet happy, such as igloos that they can hide inside, or thermal beds that warm-up using their body heat. Other things that fall under comfort include coats, some short hair breeds of dogs will feel the winter chill more than a thicker coated dog, so keeping them warm on their walks is important to keep them happy. Even during the summer, when the pavements and roads are too hot for a dog’s paws, many owners buy special shoes for their dogs so that they don’t injure themselves in the heat.


Finally, the need to make pets even cuter by dressing them up in various outfits and accessories. Who doesn’t want to see a dog running around in a stegosaurus costume? Or a cat looking sharp in a little bow tie? The fact is to a lot of people; their pets are their babies, they want them to look cute and show them off to friends and family, so outfits and the like are amazingly easy to find in shops and online. While my family has patiently waited until the holidays to dress our dogs up as vampires or witches or little elves with a Santa Claus, some households dress up their pets year-round, with adorable results.

With so many people currently owning pets, it seems unlikely that the market will suffer anytime in the near future, which is good news for us pet owners as it means the products on offer will continue to grow and evolve. The thing that matters most is keeping our pets happy, healthy, and loved, even if that means I occasionally subject my cats to dressing up in little hats.

Our world is driven by capitalism. You need only walk down any high street or through any mall to see just how much our culture is driven by money. And we aren’t saying that is a bad thing. Sure, capitalism has its issues. But so does any societal system.

Capitalism has many benefits for both our culture as a whole and on the individual level as well. But our society only functions as it does because of the key building block holding everything together. The Banks.

Love them or hate them, Banks are everywhere. Every mall, every high street. Every metropolitan cityscape or small-town village. Nowhere is safe from the spread of banks. And a common question we get asked is this: How do banks make their money?


Understanding Banks

It is easy to think that banks seem to function without actually making money. They simply store your money and move it around. So how do they pay their staff, afford rent and upkeep? And how is it profitable for anyone to become a banker?

We have spoken to a few experts, such as those at blutin and at Smythes to better understand exactly how banks turn a profit. We are going to break it down for you in simple terms.



This is the key moneymaker for any bank. Loans. Anyone can walk into a bank and apply for a loan. Of course, you need to get the bank’s approval with a solid reason for the loan. And the bank will want to be sure you can pay it back.

All banks will have an interest rate attached to the loan. This is unavoidable. This is how they make money. Say you take out a loan for $100. With interest you could end up paying back $120 to the bank eventually, making a nice $20 profit for the bank.

Now imagine that on a scale of thousands of dollars interest per day. A bank only brings in as much money as they are willing to lend out.



While a physical bank is often designed to store and manage your money, the companies that own the bank will have their hands in many different avenues. Investments and stocks are one area these companies love to dabble in. And where do they get the money?

From you. When you store your money with a bank, you are giving them permission to spend it. Relax, they don’t actually spend your physical cash. While it is in their care, they will use it to invest and bring in profit. This profit is returned to you as interest. The more money you leave with a bank, the more interest it accrues. It’s a win-win situation and a great way for both the bank and you to profit.



Mortgages are just very specific loans. They are for buying property exclusively and follow different repayment rules to a traditional loan. The reason for this is due to the size of the money being borrowed and the nature of the investment. Since you will be living in your purchase, the bank is sure you aren’t doing a runner with the money, so the repayment scheme isn’t as taxing (although it is still noticeable) and like a normal loan, the bank profits off a mortgage in the form of interest on your repayments. And, if you can’t pay up, they can simply take the property and sell it for profit as well.

We hope this has highlighted how banks make their money in a helpful and insightful manner.

There is no doubt that the effects of the horrific start to 2020 have been hitting everyone pretty hard financially. Many people have been left unemployed which has made taking care of general costs like housing and food pretty difficult, especially due to the country’s poor welfare payment system. Because of the personal economic struggles that people are facing, they are less inclined to purchase unnecessary items and so many businesses are starting to feel the toll. Though all businesses are feeling the strain of the economic crisis that the country is currently facing, nobody is suffering more than smaller businesses, and here is why.


Government funding

The government has not completely ignored the struggles that businesses have started to face and so have begun to offer grants to businesses to ensure their survival during these difficult times. This may sound like a useful gesture, however, they haven’t been very thoughtful when giving out these grants. They have ironically given these grants to bigger businesses, such as Mcdonalds, that don’t even really need the support right now due to their ability to still offer their services to the public. Smaller businesses already don’t have the influx of cash that a lot of bigger businesses have, so without that government financial aid, they are basically just surviving out of their slowly dwindling savings.


No contact procedure

You also have to take into account that a lot of small businesses aren’t just retail businesses, but are businesses that offer a service. However, due to the current social distancing measures that are in place, lots of small businesses that offer a physical service are not able to operate. A good example of a business like this is a hairdresser that needs to make physical contact in order to complete the service.


There are also a large number of small businesses that require entry into the home in order to operate. So for example, pest control businesses such as yalepest depend on completing home surveys in order to complete their jobs. However, rules that exclude people from entering households make this a difficult task. Because of this, lots of businesses such as pest control, plumbers and decorators are really taking a hit and are even ending operations indefinitely.


Niche Businesses

Most of the businesses that we would consider to be ‘small businesses’ are usually labeled as so due to their niche appeal. These businesses already trade with a smaller amount of people due to their lack of necessity. An example of a business like this would be something a little odder like ‘Organic Home Fragrances’ or other businesses along those lines. Businesses like this are really being hit as their already quite small client list is being damaged by the economic issues that people are facing.


However, there has been more social outreach to save businesses that are a little quirkier, in order to maintain the character that they bring to certain communities.


Lack of postage opportunities

A lot of bigger businesses have simply decided to move a lot of their product sales online in order to keep their business afloat. This is an excellent idea for those that are able to do this but have however become a major issue for smaller businesses that can’t do so. Because people are trying to avoid leaving the house unnecessarily for safety purposes, the use of online shopping has only increased. Because of this, businesses that don’t operate online are being forgotten about. These businesses are usually the smaller local shops that simply don’t have the finances or resources to do so. These businesses are really struggling and so it may be worth considering giving them a little more support.